The European League chose BAS for establishing the European Institute for Analyses and Strategies

1-ber DSC_0034The president of the European League of Economic Cooperation Baron Bernard Snoy visited BAS on 24 November 2016. During the meeting with the management of BAS, an agreement for long-term cooperation was signed between the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences and the European League, and another one establishing the European Institute for Analyses and Strategies (EIAS).

Baron Bernard Snoy pointed out that the role of the institute will be to create policies not only for Bulgaria but also for the region and for the entire European Union. The Institute will be a platform in the way of expertise and analysis for a kind of pressure on governments and institutions to promote European and democratic values.

2-ber DSC_0069The agreement will enable BAS scientists to engage in the process of forming the positions of our country to overcome the current economic and strategic challenges facing Bulgaria and the European Union. An important objective of the work of the Institute will be to support preparations for the EU Presidency of Bulgaria in 2018. EIAS will be managed by a Governing Council with the representative of the European league as Chairman and Director - Branimir Botev.

Acad. Stefan Vodenicharov handed the Award of Distinction of the President of BAS to the President of the European League Baron Bernard Snoy. The prize is awarded for his contribution to economic science and the law and his role in defending the scientific and academic principles in governance.